Horse Corrals



We have nearly 100 corrals ready for your use. You pay $10 per horse per night; the corral comes with it. Please use them. They are metal 12x12 pens. The ground is sandy. You are responsible for removing all manure and hay; nothing left behind. We have wheel barrows and designated manure dumps at four locations. Please bring your own fork/shovel. There is a $30 fee if you choose to hire the corral cleaning done for you. Thank you for keeping Sheyenne Oaks BEAUTIFUL! When you tie your horse, please use the corner post that is inside your corral. It is secure; the panels are NOT. Please do not bring your horse into the hookup sites. We want the grass to be neat and clean for you and the guest coming after you. There is a replacement fee if your horse should be so unlucky as to damage a corral. One more thing, use a rope, chain, or halter to secure your corral. We don't want any escape artists! FYI: you may bring your own hay.